Turfgrids National Reputation
From world-renowned sports fields to basic expanded parking lots, Turfgrids has built quite a reputation.

Nationally, FiberSoils has exceeded the expectations of clients for years (and intends to do so for years to come). These are just a few of the fields that rely on Turfgrids for proven performance:

  • Tennessee Titans Stadium
  • LSU Tiger Stadium
  • San Anita Race Track
  • Rutgers Soccer Field
  • TPC Golf Course at New Orleans



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Applications for Athletic Fields
Finally, you can truly have your field of dreams

Sixty players, sixty thousand fans and six inches of rain ... play ball! With TurfGrids reinforced playing fields, you’ve got a surface that performs as well as your best team. That’s because FiberSoils can get your field to:

Resist Damage Cleats, hooves and pitching wedges take a toll on your turf. But TurfGrids reinforced sod resists the divots, pits, tracks and marks you’ll find in ordinary soils. The result is less maintenance and the quickest lawn recovery available. Horse Race

Football Player Promote Growth Excess moisture causes grass to rot. Not enough moisture makes it wither. Fiber reinforced turf holds the optimum amount of moisture — not too much, not too little — to provide the perfect environment for strong grass growth.

Drain Efficiently Using TurfGrids reinforced turf in combination with sand caps (or layers) provides the fastest draining turf surfaces available. (But you don’t have to take our word for it, just read the true story below.)

LSU Field
A True Story
How a FiberSoils field can save the day

When Fresno State arrived at Tiger Stadium to take on LSU, fans poured in for the event ... and so did the rain. Storms drenched the field from 4:30 p.m. to 7:20 p.m., blanketing the turf in nearly two inches of water (can you say kiddie pool?).

The rains quit.

Five minutes later the field was dry.

LSU trounced Fresno State 38 to 6 thanks to a talented team and a TurfGrids field that performed like a champ.
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